Courses in shamanism and sacred art offered by shamanic teacher painter and author Imelda Almqvist  

NATURAL BORN SHAMANS: Spiritual Toolkit for Life

(Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages)

My first book was published in August 2016. The foreword was written by Sandra Ingerman.  It covers all aspects of performing spiritual or shamanic work with children and young people. It is aimed at anyone who has an interest in young people and their spiritual journey. It covers the spiritual needs of all age groups from "in utero" until age 18+.

It explains what shamanic parenting is and describes ways of doing spirit-led work, even with unborn babies and spirit children (after miscarriage, abortion or early death). It provides 30 "tried and tested" session plans for people looking for inspiration and "where to start".

You can order the book on amazon and from most quality bookshops.

Signed copied are available from the author.




THE LOVE HALL, Brendan's Travel Guide to the Best Places in the Spirit World

This book is used by many shamanic practitioners and teachers all over the world in their classes and work with families!

When he was nine years old our youngest son Brendan's greatest wish was to be a published author. He spent hours scribbling and drawing every day.  This charming small book gives a child's simple yet profound view on spiritual matters and shares guidance and shamanic journeys received from his own spirit allies. Many of his journeys evolve around a he healing place he discovered, called The Love Hall.  We published the book as surprise for his 10th birthday (that morning he received a box full of his own books!) To our surprise it turned out to be a "bestseller" and there have been four reprints and editions so far.

We are very grateful to Sandra Ingerman who encouraged Brendan to keep on writing and, once the book came out, gave it a beautiful announcement in her May Transmutation News in 2014. 

Sandra Ingerman May 2014 Transmutation News 

We are also grateful to Donna Alene Hrabcakova, an Ojibwa teacher at the Center of Sacred Studies in Ohio for writing a longer review of Brendan's book and teaching him some Ojibwa words! 

We thank everyone who supported Brendan by buying a copy of this book. This has encouraged him to find his voice and confidence as a young spiritual person and visionary!  Also see Brendan's film about Forest Magic and Healing Potions!



One such special child and teacher in my own life is Brendan Almqvist....

One such special child and teacher in my own life is Brendan Almqvist. His mother Imelda is a creative, innovative, and brilliant shamanic teacher and artist in England who is listed on She has three very creative sons. Brendan visioned some beautiful healing journeys that I have tried myself and have led in groups. He has written a book that includes these journeys. He wrote it when he was 9. Brendan just turned 10. Brendan has a sweet energy that truly feeds the earth and the web of life with love. If you would like to order a copy of The Love Hall: Brendan’s Travel Guide to the best places in the Spirit World you can email The price of the book is 5 British pounds. And then there is a charge for postage depending on where you live. Brendan does sign each book. As he is receiving a good amount of orders it takes him time to do this. Have patience as your order might not be shipped immediately so Brendan has time to sign your book. Copyright 2014 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved. Sandra Ingerman   |   May 2014  |   Santa Fe, USA


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