Shamanic art does not represent power, it IS power - Sandra Ingerman

"This is a most sacred education that has set me up to embark on the Great Work - My Life"...

"I thought I knew what art was; I thought I knew what my life was. And then I found myself doing the two year Sacred Art Practitioner Training and everything changed. This is an extraordinary journey of a life-time, a multi-dimensional tour of inner and outer landscapes that has left me feeling without any doubt that have been "moved" in every sense of the word. Imelda is a gifted teacher, a most generous and authentic guide. I have appreciated her dedicated and compassionate support I have walked this journey with her. I have loved the unity of hard work and play she encourages, the experiental encounter between light and shade. I have been constantly surprised to find out how the 'box' I have put my definition of art and self in, has been subtly yet persistently challenged, opened and the edges softened. How she teaches what she does is probably verging on that most sacred quality called 'mystery', but what I know is this: through this encounter with Imelda on my own spiritual and creative journey I have re-collected something of that original dream that breathed me into life and now I feel the courage to express it fully in the world. My artwork and I have so transformed that they seem unrecognizable to even me at times; but I am more myself than ever before. This is a most sacred education that has set me up to embark on the Great Work - My Life. - Jane Moynihan (Jungian psychotherapist, energy h   |   2015  |   London, UK

"Imelda holds the space with passion, integrity, intelligence and authenticity"...

'I'd always wanted to paint and draw. But it was something I believed wasn't for me. I thought I didn't have the 'talent' or that because I was turning forty I'd left it too late. And although I would sometimes make pictures with pen & ink these were only for me and not anything I would dream of showing anybody else. So it was with this limited attitude and a sizable amount of fear that I took myself along to Imelda's Introduction to Sacred Art. The call to create was indeed stronger than my embarrassment at my work seen. And I never stop feeling grateful that I did. The weekend was a soul revelation and I was suddenly free. Imelda holds the space with passion, integrity, intelligence and authenticity. She allows you to be and create from where you are yet gently opens up the road for you to see yourself as being and doing so much more. Signing up for the Two Year Training was something I just had to do and I've never felt more right. I paint all the time now and hang my work on my walls. I don't care who sees it. And through Imelda's training I have a strong working bond with spirit through my art. It is such a beautiful thing to honour the sacred and to follow my own intuition and guides through the process of painting. I will paint for the rest of my life and it has being working with Imelda that began this journey for me. It was my appointment and she has been the most perfect host and as she once told me 'Once the training finishes that's when the real work begins!' So I now look forward with joy and courage to my work as an Artist of the Sacred.' Marie Lloyd Marie Lloyd   |   2014  |   London, UK



I teach this workshop twice a year, generally once in January and once in June

This workshop introduces the Medieval concept of a Human Life as a Pilgrimage. We work with the glyph of a labyrinth representing our ‘umbilical cord to Source/Spirit’ laid out in spiral form in the room. We start unraveling personal myths and weaving healing stories with the help of great gods and goddesses. We meet ‘The Woman Who Repairs Stories’. We start engaging with the concept of ‘The Leavings of the Wolf’ (and the teachings of the Norse God Tyr): i.e. the understanding of personal sacrifice in return for knowledge and spiritual strength. We start mapping where we have given power away and we start moving from the concept of the ‘scapegoat’ to making a ‘shape coat’: a personal medicine cloak of personal symbols that reflects our learning journey through life and our soul’s mission. We make sacred art in honour of something greater than ourselves and beings other than ourselves.


Please note that due to an exceptionally busy schedule I have not yet set dates for this workshop to run in 2017. However I have started compiling a list of people who have expressed interest and I am "on the case"! Fill in a contact form and I will keep you "in the loop". 


The 2 Year Sacred Art Practitioner Training currently runs in both London and the USA (at Pendle Hill near Philadelphia). 

The in-take  for the London program is closed. There will not be new intake in London until Autumn 2018 (but dates have not yet been set).

There are some places left in Philadelphia. The work with this group has already started by means of a series of four on-line webinars (allowing us to collectively "dream the work into being" outside time and space!) and there will be two more (prerequisite) seminars in January for participants on this course. 

For more detailed information as well as downloadable syllabus and registration forms please use the following button:

SAP Rising! USA East Coast

The sponsor for this training is Susan Rossi:

 Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world

Shamanic teacher, painter and author in the UK and the world


People have asked me about teaching some of the modules of my Two Year Training as one off seminars. People have also asked me about offering stand-alone "long weekends" or four days seminars exploring "hot topics" like the balancing of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, work with "other-world" perspectives and guardians in London ( e.g. the dragon that lives in the river Thames, the temple priestesses in the ancient temple of Diana that lies in the foundations of St. Paul's Cathedral etc.) 

I have also been asked by shamanic practitioner students about post-graduate courses in ancestral healing methods, using art in shamanic healing work, doing shamanic work with children and young people and so forth. The possibilities are endless but, as there is only one of me, my time and resources are limited! I hope that some of my students will eventually go on to share my teaching load so certain courses can run more often and in more locations.

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